Fly like a bird 3

3D Game Description: have you ever dreamed of flying above the cities like a bird? Now you can. Soar magestically, and swoop through the streets, and if you find the hidden portion of chips you can even poo on the traffic wardens below.

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Fly like a bird 3: In fly like a bird 2 the chips are hidden, they could be anywhere in the city, :) In fly like a bird 3 use the arrows in the poo-cam to help you find treats. The arrows get bolder the nearer you get to each object yellow = mixed (food) red = meat (food) green = vegetables (food) orange = twigs (for making nests) purple = nest (so you don't lose it)

Fly like a bird 3: In fly like a bird3 you must find and collect twigs to make a nest. When you have a twig it will show as an icon in your poo-cam. If you press fire on the ground, you will start a nest instead of pooing (only one nest per player). Collect more twigs and they will automatically be added to you nest when you are near it. When your nest is complete an Egg icon will appear in your poo-cam. These are laid by pooing over the nest or can be fired at people and birds like poos. A nested egg needs warmed at regular intervals, but will eventually hatch into a chick which needs fed. When near a hungry chick of your species a chick icon will appear in your poo-cam, just press fire to feed them. You get an extra life when your chick Fledges and flies away!





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